Issue 47, 4 August 2005

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Top Story - NAGWare f95 compiler release 5.0 for Microsoft Windows

The Microsoft Windows implementation of the NAGWare f95 Compiler has now been updated to Release 5.0. All the language features of this release, including some new Fortran 2003 language enhancements are now available on this platform. The new release does not require the download of a C compiler, as the MinGW gcc compiler is bundled with the product.

Release 5.0 of the NAGWare f95 Compiler brings further innovations and refinements in the areas of error detection, improved performance and more Fortran 2003 features. For more detailed information please see our f95 Compiler announcements page and our f95 Compiler news page.

To complement the NAGWare f95 Compiler we can provide an implementation of the NAG Fortran Library, the DLL implementation, which is compatible with this compiler. For quick and easy purchasing, NAGWare products are now even easier to purchase via the NAG web store.

Research - Visualization with IRIS Explorer

Dr Keith Hughes, an award-winning member of Bangor University's Chemistry department, is conducting research into the quantum dynamical aspects of molecular processes. Recently, he visited the Hull Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE) at the University of Hull to see how advanced visualization techniques could aid understanding of his results. The HIVE uses IRIS Explorer, NAG's visualization toolkit, to produce stereoscopic images on its large-scale display wall for datasets from a variety of disciplines including chemistry and environmental simulation. Viewing the visualization of a complex 3D dataset produced using IRIS Explorer, Dr Hughes commented: “This is amazing. This is the kind of thing that would definitely benefit my research”.

To find out more, take a look at the video, which tells Dr Hughes' story in the Vega Science Trust's Snapshot series.

To learn more about IRIS Explorer, visit the IRIS Explorer web page, or contact us to discuss your needs.

NAG in academia - NAG remains committed to academia

The use of NAG's software in education and academia is deep rooted all over the globe. Prominent universities and learning institutions use NAG software because of its unrivalled ability to achieve accurate results quickly and reliably for a vast range of mathematical and statistical problems.

NAG remains committed to academia. Consequently we provide attractive licensing programs to educational institutions. In the UK, NAG participates in the Eduserv Chest program, which coordinates software supply to higher educational establishments. In North America, NAG has created the Department License Program, designed to enable academic departments to easily and economically utilize NAG's mathematical, statistical, and data mining components and tools. Academic collaborations such as HPCVL (High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory), a consortium of four Ontario universities, also enjoy the undoubted benefits of NAG software.

To learn more about NAG in academia, visit our academic web page, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Congratulations - NAG Member elected to the US National Academy of Sciences

Margaret Wright, member of NAG and one of the original team of collaborators on the first NAG Library, has been elected to the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The NAS is an honorific society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare. We are delighted to congratulate Margaret on her election.

Tips & Hints - Does NAGWare f95 work with MPICH?

MPICH, the public domain implementation of MPI (Message Passing Interface), has full support for the NAGWare f95 Compiler. Before you build MPICH, make sure the NAGWare f95 Compiler is accessible via your PATH environment variable and run “configure” with the “--with-f95nag” option, e.g.

./configure -prefix=/usr/local/mpich --with-f95nag

You can then make a version of MPICH suitable for calling from the NAGWare f95 Compiler.

NOTE: Other NAGWare f95 tips can be read on the FAQ web page.

Learn more about the NAGWare range of Compilers and Tools or contact us with any questions.

Product News - New Implementations

NAG is committed to offering new implementations of its broad range of numerical and statistical software, compilers and tools. Since the last edition of NAGNews platform availability has increased for the NAG C Library, Fortran Library, Parallel Library and the NAGWare f95 Compiler.

  • NAG C Library, Mark 7 is now also available for the following platform:
    • x86-32 Solaris using the Sun C version 5.7 Compiler

  • NAG Fortran Library, Mark 21 is now also available for the following platforms:
    • IBM Power 4+ AIX 64 bit using the xlf v8.1 Compiler
    • AMD-64 Linux64 using the pgf77/pgf90 v5.2 and the Pathscale EKO v2.1 Compilers
    • Sun SPARC Solaris 64 bit using the Sun f90 Compiler

  • NAG Parallel Library, Release 3 is now also available for the following platform:
    • AMD-64 Linux64 using the NAGWare f95 Compiler

  • NAGWare f95 Compiler, Release 5.0 is now available for the following platform:
    • Intel-32 Windows using the gcc 3.2.3 Compiler

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