Issue 45, 12 May 2005

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Top Story - NAG Schools Excel Add-In; increase learning in the classroom

N-SEA is a Microsoft Excel Add-In designed by teachers and developed by NAG to support the teaching of mathematics, statistics and information and communications (ICT) at GCSE and A Level. N-SEA enables even greater use of Microsoft Excel' as a tool for the teaching of students as it removes the limitations imposed by standard Excel charting functions.

N-SEA, recently accredited by UK Government Agency Curriculum Online, is the perfect tool for the teaching environment because the majority of teachers and students have some familiarity with Excel and so do not have to spend valuable time learning a new software package. N-SEA is used in conjunction with Excel and will enhance learning techniques helping teachers and students achieve excellent results.

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In the News - Data Mining and the Euredit Project

By definition, practitioners in multidisciplinary fields such as bioinformatics need to keep abreast of the latest research trends in several areas. However, the relevance of research work focused in areas outside their normal specialty may not be immediately obvious to all observers.

A multi-million dollar, 4-year research project on statistical methods for data mining, called Euredit and funded by the European Union, is creating interesting possibilities for many bioinformatics endeavours, including microarray analysis and forecasting trends.

Euredit's goal was to analyse census surveys. The result of this intensive research study was a number of new algorithms relevant to disciplines where data mining is important, with bioinformatics perhaps one of the top beneficiaries.

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General Information - NAG supports the AMD Opteron™ Processor on its 2nd anniversary

NAG is proud to announce its continued support of the AMD Opteron™ processor on its 2nd anniversary, the growing AMD64 Ecosystem and AMD's multi-core leadership.

NAG has been working closely with AMD for over 4 years to develop part of the Eco-system to support AMD64, most notably with the co-creation of AMD's Core Math Library (ACML). ACML, optimised for AMD64 processors, provides a development tool, which can significantly increase performance and speed of delivery for 32- and 64-bit x86-based applications.

ACML is composed of highly optimised numerical components that can underpin many mathematical, engineering, scientific, and financial applications. The library contains a full implementation of optimised Level 1, 2 and 3 Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS), Linear Algebra Package (LAPACK) as well as Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs). ACML 2.6 provides optimised support for the latest multi-core systems from AMD. Further exciting developments are already in the pipeline. To read the full story visit

Product News - NAGWare f95 Compiler and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Incompatibility Solution

NAG has recently become aware of an incompatibility that Apple has introduced with the release of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Apple has changed the Mac OS X linker semantics, and this affects the NAGWare f95 Compiler running on Mac OS X 10.4, resulting in undefined symbols being reported by the linker with dynamic linking (the default). The NAG product code affected is: NPAMP50NA with edit level 391 or less.

NAG has created an f95 Compiler upgrade to address this issue. The upgrade will work correctly with all current releases of Mac OS X. You can download the new version of the f95 Compiler at: - existing license keys will enable usage of this upgrade.

We hope this information helps you with your work on Mac OS X. Let us know of any difficulties with this new release. Any comments and/or questions can be sent to

Tips & Hints - N-SEA

Although NAG Schools Excel Add-In is new to the NAG product portfolio there are many Tips & Hints to be given to users. Here are just a few for starters:

1) Highlighting your data before calling the N-SEA charts menu allows N-SEA to choose an appropriate default chart.

2) The Excel key combination Shift+Cntrl+<an arrow key> can be used to quickly select your data. Highlight the first cell of your data, hold down the Shift+Cntrl keys and press the down arrow to highlight all the data in the column. To highlight a whole table select the first cell of the table, hold down the Shift+Cntrl keys and then press the down arrow, followed by the right arrow.

3) Select "Finish" at any point to have N-SEA produce a graph using carefully chosen default values. Once created the default title and axis labels can be altered by right clicking on them.

Events - UK, France & Germany
  • CARISMA - 18th - 19th May 2005 - Institute of Actuaries & The National Liberal Club, London
    NAG is sponsoring the forthcoming CARISMA (The Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Optimisation Modelling Applications) event "New Directions in Risk Modelling and Financial Planning" to be held in London on 18-19 May 2005. For more details visit

  • Global Derivatives & Risk Management Forum - 23rd - 26th May 2005 - Paris
    Now in its eleventh year, this event is one of the leading derivatives pricing, trading and risk management events in the world. Every year around 400 of the industry's key figures meet to network with clients, prospects and peers and learn about the key trends and developments affecting the market place.

    With over 75 senior speakers involved, the event takes the format of a two-day main conference with additional workshops taking place on the 28th May.

    Experts will be on hand on the NAG stand, to discuss all your technical computing solution needs. For further information on this event please visit:

  • Oxford Centre for Computational Finance (OCCF), Sixth City Seminar - 25th May 2005 - Reuters, London
    NAG is delighted to announce the Sixth City Seminar from the OCCF, which is being held at Reuters in London on 25th May 2005. This established event in the finance calendar is expected to be the largest attended yet. Speakers and subjects include:

    "Inter-pattern speculation: beyond minority, majority and $-games" by Damien Challet, Oxford University, "Modelling the performance of hedge fund managers" by Anthony Ledford, Man Investments and "Computing Greeks with Monte Carlo Methods" by Mike Giles also of Oxford University.

    The seminar is free however prior registration is required. Please complete the registration form online at or e-mail your request with name, affiliation and finance interests to

  • International Supercomputer Conference (ISC2005) - 21st - 24th June 2005, Heidelberg
    This year ISC, the leading supercomputing event in Europe, will celebrate its 20th year in 2005 as the premier venue for gaining an international perspective in the field of High Performance Computing. ISC presents state-of-the-art applications, architectures and trends in super-computing.

    NAG is delighted to be exhibiting at ISC2005 where experts will be on hand to discuss the NAG HPC Libraries. To learn more of this prestigious event please visit the event website at

Product News - New Implementations

NAG is committed to offering new implementations of its broad range of numerical and statistical software, compilers and tools. Since the last edition of NAGNews platform availability has increased for the NAG Fortran Library.

The NAG Fortran Library, Mark 21 is now also available for the following platform:

  • Sun SPARC Solaris using the Sun f90 Compiler

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