NAG provides Universities in the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen with advanced numerical libraries and compilers & tools

German State signs large scale licence agreement for use of NAG software components & tools

November 2005. NAG, the world's leading provider of mathematical and statistical software components for academia, announces a renewed and extended partnership with the German State of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW). This new agreement will provide students and staff at all Universities within the State with NAG's globally renowned numerical libraries, compilers and tools.

NAG has a long and successful track record of developing the highest quality mathematical libraries and development tools. NAG has its roots firmly placed in academia; its history and non-profit status have enabled it to build particularly strong links with university research and teaching departments, worldwide. Over 70% of European Universities and learning institutions engage in learning with NAG routines.

Students, professors and teachers at the Universities of Nordrhein-Westfalen, through a multi-site licence agreement, negotiated and administered by the Ruhr-Universit't Bochum Rechenzentrum, will have unlimited access to NAG's high quality numerical libraries and developer tools. In addition users can benefit from the unrivalled support provided by the NAG experts that created the software. The new agreement, which replaces a previous licence, includes for the first time NAG's HPC Libraries, which are designed to make optimal use of the processing power and shared memory parallelism of the Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) systems.

The aim of this agreement is to protect the investment made by NRW by offering future proofing for development tools. It is impossible to predict hardware trends over an extended period, but, whatever the choices made by the State's academic research institutions, NAG's development software will be available for them at no further cost. In addition, administration is kept to an absolute minimum, saving time and cost to the State.

Speaking of the agreement, Rob Meyer, CEO of NAG said "Under this agreement, NRW intend to make NAG software widely and easily available to improve both learning and research. We are very pleased to have earned the trust of the Universities of Nordrhein-Westfalen and hope to use the type of agreement as a model for other universities and States in Europe and beyond."

About NAG's Academic Community Program

The NAG Academic Community Program is designed to give universities and other degree granting institutions the freedom and flexibility of unlimited use of NAG's product portfolio at significantly lower costs than standard. The program has been developed to allow freedom from the usual restrictions found within standard software licence agreements so that both staff and students can work freely, easily and independently or as part of a wider collaborative project. There are even ways to allow those not working within the site to use the software and contribute to projects.

The NAG Academic Community Program is available globally, with different programs available for those residing in North America or Japan.

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