Kusari (v. 2.2-52) Licence Management

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Download the appropriate Kusari binaries for your platform.

  • For trial licences (TRIAL) downloading the Kusari binaries is not necessary.
  • For node-locked licences (FULL,NODE) you need to download only the khostid program
  • Note, you don't need to run a licence server for trial or node-locked licences.
  • For licences requiring a licence server (FLOATING,SITE), download the full set of binaries.

platform / architecture download full
set of binaries
khostid only
x64 64-bit Linux linux_x64.tgz linux_x64_khostid.gz
x86 32-bit Linux linux_x86.tgz linux_x86_khostid.gz
Apple Mac OS X (Intel) 64-bit macx64.tgz macx64_khostid.gz
Solaris on x86 solx86.tgz solx86_khostid.gz
Solaris on SPARC (32-bit) sparc.tgz sparc_khostid.gz
Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) sparc64.tgz sparc64_khostid.gz
Microsoft Windows (32-bit) w32.zip w32_khostid.zip
Microsoft Windows (64-bit) w64.zip w64_khostid.zip

download file formats: (.tgz: tar gzipped file) (.gz: gzipped file) (.zip: zipped file)

Kusari (v. 2.2-20) Binaries can be downloaded from here.
Kusari (v. 2.2-41) Binaries can be downloaded from here.

In order to enable the software, NAG will issue you with a licence key. The licence key is a simple text file containing details of the software that will be enabled.


A GUI is supplied to request and install the licence key. This can be found by locating your NAG product in the Start/All Programs menu and selecting "Request or install licence key". To obtain the details needed for a licence click "Request new licence" and return the information that it displays by e-mail to the NAG Technical Support Service.

Once you have obtained the licence key, run this GUI again to install it.


To request a licence key, run the program khostid (refer to the Installer's Note or download the appropriate file from the table above). This utility must be run from a command prompt. Return the information that it displays by e-mail to the NAG Technical Support Service. Once you have obtained the licence key, store the text of it in a file.

For example:

The location of the licence file must be made known to the NAG application by setting the environment variable NAG_KUSARI_FILE to the full pathname of the file before the application is invoked (some applications define a default licence location, if you choose this location, you do not need to set the environment variable - see the Installer's Note for details).

For example,
   in the UNIX C-shell, type:
     setenv NAG_KUSARI_FILE [INSTALL_DIR]/nag_kusari.lic
or in the UNIX Bourne shell, type:
     export NAG_KUSARI_FILE


No other actions are required to install a trial or node-locked licence. For licences requiring a licence server, refer to the Kusari Installation and User Guide above.

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